Mutual Intentions Deluxe Bundle

from Mutual Intentions

Tote Bag

This bundle contains the super fresh limited and handprinted Mutual Intentions STREETGEAR totebags designed by Mutual Intentions own Daniel Yalew Steinset & Hans Jørgen Wærner / Dirtyhans - stuffed with a bunch of box-fresh records provided by the Mutual Intentions crew:

Fredfades - Always 7" (MI-004)
A1. Always 7" feat. Ivan Ave, Koreatown Oddity & MED
B1. Fade Away feat. Nanna B 7”

Sraw - In The Smog 7” (MI-003)
A1. In The Smog feat. Tha Connection
B1. Mind Keep Stepping feat. Blu
B2. Glass

Fredfades & Sun Raw - Mobbin’ For A Hobby 7” (KU-39)
A1. The Maxi-Single feat. Planet Asia
B1. Mobbin’ For A Hobby feat. Planet Asia & Waz

Mutual Intentions #2 Cassette (MI-005)
A1 John Rice - Intro
A2 Ivan Ave - Yours Truly
A3 John Rice - DX100
A4 Yogisoul & Awon - Down
A5 Deckdaddy - Joy
A6 Ol' Burger Beats - It's Black Remix w/Jeremiah Jae & Oliver The 2nd
A7 Sun Raw - 94 Land Cruizer
A8 Sofie - Infatuation
A9 Fredfades - Mobbin For A Hobby Remix w/Planet Asia & Waz
A10 Yogisoul - Say Word
B1 Ivan Ave - Machines
B2 Sun Raw - Madness 2000
B3 Ol' Burger Beats - One For The Ummah
B4 Fredfades - Space Carnival w/Chester Watson & Mndsgn
B5 Suff Daddy - Chicken Pox w/Kristoffer Eikrem
B6 John Rice - Roll Out
B7 Sun Raw - 925'ers
B8 Yogisoul & LumiHD - Eezly w/Fieh & Kristoffer Eikrem

Tøyen Holding LP (Fredfades & Mest Seff) (MI-002)
A1. Intro
A2. Spor 2
A3. Tøyen Holding
A4. Glinser med oss
A5. Stålkontroll
A6. 247 feat. KingSkurkOne
A7. Brett Li
B1. Gjestespalten feat. Pumbish
B2. Respekt
B3. Gelendewagen 1982 feat. Ivar Strå
B4. Guddommelig inngripen
B5. Grinder
B6. Kjøretøy feat. Kristoffer Eikrem
B7. Outro

Yogisoul - By Nights Cassette (KU-30C)
A1. Late Night (Intro)
A2. City Nights feat. Awon & Aarvik
A3. House Of Jazz
A4. Here & Now feat. LumiHD, Kristoffer Eikrem & Grover
A5. Intentions feat. Ivan Ave
A6. Shureshots
A7. Walk With Me feat. Dialate
A8. Bikeride (Late Night)
B1. Kodak Gold feat. Ivan Ave & MoRuf
B2. Lighter feat. LumiHD
B3. Raw Delivery feat. Awon
B4. Drift
B5. Play Your Cards Right feat. Dialate
B6. Nocturnal

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Mutual Intentions Oslo, Norway

Mutual Intentions is an Oslo based label unified by their work in music and visual arts. Mutual Intentions members are musicians Ivan Ave, Fredfades, SRAW, Yogisoul, Ol' Burger Beats, John Rice, photographer Moe Chakiri, videographer Erik Treimann, designer Hans Jørgen Wærner and manager Stian Nicolaysen. ... more

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